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Fuck Ugly God 19/08/2018 05:24
still beat tho
The ugly war of words between Nicki Minaj and Safaree could come to a head if the exes run into each other at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, but there's a plan in place to avoid that ... TMZ has lea...
RealTrapQueenOf#TrapLIVE 19/08/2018 04:13
So Nicki Minaj put Safaree and Tyga on blast for they hairline but failed to mention this shit....
So Nicki Minaj put Safaree and Tyga on blast for they hairline but failed to mention this shit.... <br>
This could get awkward! Safaree and Nicki Minaj are both planning on attending the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 20 after interacting in a nasty online feud in the past week. Will they dangerous...
Jason Anura Carter 19/08/2018 11:35
Nicki & Safaree could pop off at any moment so the VMAs security staff is getting kitted out. The war of words between the ex-partners has gotten so ugly that MTV has decided to take measures to separ...
#NickiMinajIsOverParty Nikki was over when she stabbed Safaree and her stans for defending it.
Safaree Samuels claims to have made $30k in referrals after hairline diss Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj have been broken up for years now but clearly, there is some underlying anger in both of them ...
LizBizLdn 18/08/2018 11:38
First Safaree, Remy, Cardi, LilKim and Now Gaga #NickiMinajIsOverParty
New York rapper Safaree Samuels isn’t quite ready to let the hairline coverage fade to black. The hip-hop artist has entertained everyone’s infatuation with his head. Last night, SS went to Instagram ...
DreDre 18/08/2018 11:32
Since QUEEN dropped everyone came for Nicki - DJ Self - Safaree - MariahLynn - BardiGang - Little Monsters - DJ Akademiks This negativity and delusion has to stop! Let’s trend #WeLoveYouNicki!
Kayla   💛 18/08/2018 10:35
Safaree: “Nicki Minaj literally fucking stabbed me” Stans: ... Nicki: “Gaga collabed with R Kelly so that makes FEFE okay” Stans #NickiMinajIsOverParty
King Ali 18/08/2018 07:08
It was funny when Nicki Minaj called up a random person on the phone to try to convince @funkflex & the public that Safaree didnt write for her We dont even know the person She called. If she would have called Jay or Nas that would have been different but who was the random?
Daria. 18/08/2018 01:56
Is the security for Safaree since Nicki is an abuser? https:// 0806282440200192   …
Otwani Cyrille 18/08/2018 06:08
Wait...Y'all dragged X fans for supporting him bc he was abusive. Nicki stabbed Safaree & Meek Mill said that she was abusive in their r-ship too. Why is nobody getting dragged for supporting her? Guess we'll find out on the next episode of 'Your Double Standards are shooooowing'
It’s a good day in hip hop history: • Drake vs Pusha T • Kodak Black vs Jail • Azealia Banks vs Her Edges • Cardi B vs English Language • Nicki vs Atlantic • Kanye Vs Black History • Mariah Lyn vs Good Music • Safaree vs His Hairline • Tyga vs Relevence Yo it’s lit
The safaree and nicki Minaj domestic violences is bringing out a lot of hypocrites with the Chris brown and Rihanna incident but I digress
@IAMSAFAREE 16/08/2018 01:25
Rt if you appreciate life God and have a clean heart Peace and blessings to everybody
K-bizzle  🌹 15/08/2018 08:51
Twitter is deadass better than reality TV. Yesterday it was Nicki vs Safaree, today it's Teyana vz Jeremih. Tomorrow who will it be? Tune in for another episode of TWITTER TEA!!!
In the past 48 hours its been drama with in no particular order: 1. Jets and Redskins practice 2. Jalen Ramsey 3. Nikki and Safaree 4. Omarosa vs the White House 5. Issa Rae vs CoStar 6. Yasiel Puig vs Nick Hundley 7. Teyana Taylor vs Jeremih ITS ONLY WEDNSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Complex 15/08/2018 07:05
TMZ reporter says there's footage of Nicki chasing Safaree with knife: https://
TMZ reporter says there's footage of Nicki chasing Safaree with knife:  https://     <br>
DanielléDASH GIFLord 15/08/2018 12:57
i’m still processing you lot ignoring nicki’s violence put safaree in the hospital to laugh at his hairline.
Oluniyi Gates 15/08/2018 11:55
Chris Brown hit Rihanna once, one Gazillion years later, Chris Brown breaths* "Ohh shut up, domestic abuser, you deserve to be in jail nigga" Nicki Minaj repeatedly cuts Safaree, mans had to be rushed to the ER, almost dies. "SPEAK YOUR TRUTH QUEEN" toxic masculinity.
Prince UhMuhFuckinUhhhhhh 15/08/2018 11:18
Nicki Minaj is clowning Safaree for having cosmetic surgery................ Well if that ain’t the Barbie calling the Ken Plastic
25 Aug baby 15/08/2018 04:49
#NickiMinaj on #Safaree stealing her cards, buying #Prostitutes Part 1
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