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Sentient Meat 19/08/2018 05:24
Every day when someone sets the standard for stupidity in the #bb20 house, the next day someone says "Hold my beer". lol
WASHINGTON — The White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, has cooperated extensively in the special counsel investigation, sharing detailed accounts about the episodes at the heart of the inquiry int...
prachi  ☀️ 19/08/2018 05:24
There came this woman in my house. Saw my doggo . Started screaming and now my doggo is depressed. Thanks woman!
Democrats have improved their standing in the fight for control of the House of Representatives. Our House model now shows the party poised to win 222 seats if the election were today, up from our est...
Bigg Boss Tamil Analyst 19/08/2018 05:23
Really felt bad about Vaish's eviction! She was a bad judge when she came out of SECRET ROOM But her analysis on every HouseMate today was SPOT ON Especially on Yash - "Mastermind" of the house #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil2
White House counsel Donald McGahn has cooperated extensively with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia's meddling with the 2016 presidential election, sources with knowledge of his inter...
FK 19/08/2018 05:15
The dude apologized for 2 cars and a 3 bedroom houses karchas as pm lol unbelievable #nayapakistan
EASTPOINTE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police are investigating a shooting at a house party in Eastpointe that killed a 15-year-old boy and injured two others. The incident occurred on Saturday, Aug. 18 at 10:30 ...
Hamid Mir 19/08/2018 05:04
Prime Minister House had 524 employees 80 cars and 33 bullet proof vehicles I will have only two employees and two vehicles all other vehicles will be auctioned PM House will be converted into a university @ImranKhanPTI 1st speech as PM
White House counsel Don McGahn has cooperated extensively with special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation of Russian election interference. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA Donald Trump went on ...
Jan Achakzai 19/08/2018 05:03
Great move to auction Vechles of PM house by PM IK
Elliot 19/08/2018 05:03
Smash every screen in the house and chill?
Haider Abbasi 19/08/2018 05:02
Can’t wait for PM House university tbh. The location is the most beautiful in Islamabad.
Khawar Ghumman 19/08/2018 05:02
No PTI governor to live in a governor house, Says IK
Haider Abbasi 19/08/2018 05:00
Imran Khan has lied. The MS House is inside the PM House compound.
LFC Stanley House 19/08/2018 04:56
I hear Bailly is better than Van Dijk. I hear Fred is better than Fabinho. I hear Martial is better than Mane. I hear Lukaku is better than Firmino. I hear Brighton won.
PTI 19/08/2018 04:53
Our commissioners and DC’s live in massive houses. On one side a nation is underprivileged; who can’t even spend on their people. On the other side ruling class lives like the colonialists even after we have became free. #PMIKAddress
PTI 19/08/2018 04:52
It is shameful that the PM house has 524 staff. It has 80 vehicles, 33 of them are bullet proof vehicles. There are helicopters and aircrafts. Then there are governor houses and CM houses. #PMIKAddress
Khawar Ghumman 19/08/2018 04:47
PM have 500 employees, 80 cars, bullet proof ones worth crore of rupees. PM house spread over 1100 kanal: PM
maria quintanar 19/08/2018 04:43
On the house #J2 Time for #GoldPanelDen ! #SPNDen #Supernatural
KE SHARP 19/08/2018 04:42
At end of the day I am : A husband A daddy A father. A lover A Comedian.. Head of the house An entrepreneur CEO
At  end of the day I am : A husband  A daddy  A father.  A lover  A Comedian..  Head of the house   An entrepreneur  CEO  <br>
Political House Archive 19/08/2018 04:39
But @nelsonchamisa usadaro you are now backtracking on your own bet and promises, zvakaitika wani now you saying @edmnangagwa didn’t even get 5% of the vote instead they gave him 50.8, i saw your tweet. IPA mdhara simbi yake @matigary @nickmangwana @larry_moyo
jai   👑 19/08/2018 04:23
my house burned down at 3 this morning and my siblings, my mom and myself had to climb onto the roof and wait for the fire fighters. We weren’t able to make it to save our dog who lost her life. We lost everything and have nothing. anything will help https://www. -will-help   …
The Hill 19/08/2018 04:21
NEW POLL: Women voters give Dems a boost in midterm race for House control
NEW POLL: Women voters give Dems a boost in midterm race for House control  http://     <br>
days without sex 19/08/2018 04:11
day 61 without sex: my smart watch thinks I’ve jogged 3 miles today but I haven’t left the house
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